Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Weddings 2007 @ Cups 'n' Cakes

Ivy Vine Cupcake Wrappers were the choice for Intan's & Jack's Wedding.

Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes

The beautiful Cupcake Wrappers (White Filigree) made it's debut during Tini & Madi's wedding reception.

Weddings @ Cups 'n' Cakes

The above picture is courtesy of the wedding couple's photographer www.touchingmoments.net

Weddings  @ Cups 'n' Cakes

Weddings @ Cups 'n' Cakes

Weddings @ Cups 'n' Cakes

Weddings @ Cups 'n' Cakes

For enquiries on wedding packages, do email us @ cups_n_cakes@yahoo.com


angie said...

Thry're fantastic, as usual. It's a pleasure to see your cakes, Can I post any of your pictures in my blog?

FaYe said...

Awesome cupcakes..

Amby_OFFsPrinG said...

Hi there,

I really like your cupcakes. Could you advise me on the price range of your cupcakes as my wedding cake?


Cups 'n' Cakes said...

Liz, thanks! Would you like to leave your email address so I can forward you a quotation. FYI, my email address: cups_n_cakes@yahoo.com

Thanks & Regards, Hanita

intann said...
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intann said...

Hanita's Cupcakes are fantastic! Our wedding Ivy Vine Cupcake, not only looks gorgeous but tastes really really good. I would recommend her anytime.
Thank you so much Kak Nita!xx

lisa said...


These are gorgeous. We sell these same cupcake wrappers. May I use your photos and put a link to your store from my shop ?


Thank you !