Saturday, 27 January 2007

Regular Flavas a.k.a “The Usual Suspects”:

Nutella-Filled, Vanilla Cupcakes w/Nutella Frosting
(Yellow Moist Cake with Nutella frosting – You can skip the Nutella filling if desired)

3G Cupcakes with Ginger Cream Cheese Frosting
(Dense & Moist yellow cake with Green apples, zest of Green lime and a hint of Ginger in cream cheese frosting ~ Recommended)

Four Fruit Conserves (Jam)-Filled, Vanilla Cupcakes w/Cheese Frosting (Moist yellow cake filled with four types fruit jams and iced with tcream cheese)

Premium Flavas a.k.a “House Specials”:

 Chocolate Valrhona Cupcakes w/Chocolate Valrhona Ganache Frosting
Or w/ French Buttercream.

(Best French chocolate, darkly seductive, chocolate cake and iced with smooth & velvety ganache ~ Recommended)

 Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes w/Green Tea Cream Cheese Frosting
(Light & Moist and has a refreshing green tea fragrance)

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