Friday, 2 January 2009

Ushering the New Year

Out with the old, in with the new! Well...not exactly.

I had this "huge" plan to create a fabulous cupcake design to usher in the New Year...sadly, that was not to be! After the baking frenzy, which were pretty much for the whole month of December, I abandoned the idea. Mainly, due to exhaustion and I realized that I had to seriously rest my body and recuperate. I will also be taking a break for the whole month of January 2009 and hopefully, to be back in action, sometime in February.

I'd like to share a couple of cupcakes which I did for a fabulous customer with a fabulous request for a fabulous Hollywood Glam Party theme cupcakes for her fabulous 21st Birthday! Enjoy! (Note: Unfortunately, I did not take fabulous photos of the cupcakes as I was pressed for time to complete back to back orders)

Wished I had more time to create more fabulous toppers with the Hollywood glam theme in mind. All toppers were made from homemade MMF (Marshmallow fondant), except for the Hollywood sign (which I used gumpaste in the end) as the MMF ones took "donkey years" to dry! Aaarggh! Not helping when one has time constraint.

Verdict: The cupcakes got a two thumbs-up from the fabulous birthday girl and her entourage :-)

Clearly, my "painting" skills left much to be desired (Bear in mind, I was not an Arts student) All paintings used were food colourings and edible ink markers.

"Ready for take, camera roll, Action!!!"

Birthday Sign & Hollywood's Walk-of-Fame Stars

Va-va-voom Bustier

Hollywood Glam Theme Cupcakes

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deedah said...

these must've been a lot of work :) well done K.Nita !