Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Enchanted Garden

I do not usually do big cakes with the exception from wedding orders with request for big cakes as topper for their cupcake tier. And of course, specially for family members or close friends.

My seven year old insisted that I make her a big cake for her birthday this year...now how can I refuse? We agreed that I'll make her a big cake for her birthday party and cupcakes for her classmates in school.

We both debated on the theme of her cake and agreed that I'll make her an "Enchanted Garden" cake. I've seen various cakes done on this theme from other fabulous cake makers/decoraters and I'm just inspired to have a go at them myself. Sadly, mine's not nearly as fantastic as theirs - that's purely my opinion as I'm my-own worst critic. My daughter was delighted with the cake and all my family members and friends gave the two-thumbs up for the cake. Phew!

All toppers are handmade with MMF fondant

I made these toadstools cupcakes for her classmates as well as her teachers.


Reen said...

You're such an inspiration.... Luv ur works.. Btw, do u teach CC baking or fondant/sugarcraft @ hm? Do let me know if you do.

Cups 'n' Cakes said...

Reen - Thank you and it is very humbling to know that there are others who appreciates my work. Ooh! I don't know about the teaching though as I'm only doing this during my free time as I have a fulltime job =)