Sunday, 5 July 2009

Purple Passion

I used to have this obsession with the colour Purple. I would purchase anything purple - purses, bags, shoes, clothes. Even stuffs for my home, sofa, curtains,cushion covers, bedsheets, candles and walls in my home were not spared. I sometimes do get a "relapse" when I chanced upon something Purple that catches my eye. *wink* Old habits die hard. Looking back now, i wondered how my husband put up with all that purple madness!

Purples, whatever the shade, are a particularly popular option for the colour scheme these days. They are one of the few colours that can be both masculine and feminine at the same time and appeal to both the new romantics and heavy metal fans amongst us!

A wedding event I did in mid June for Ms. N's elder sis, were of course, Purple, combine with Cream colour. Personally, I think the colours evokes romantic as well as nostalgic feelings.


Combination of Purple & Cream

Bird Cages are the Rage!

Cream Butterflies & Purple Roses

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