Sunday, 9 August 2009

Golden Orange & Hot Pink

Yes, I haven't been updating for awhile now as I've been preoccupied lately. "Oh time! Where art thou?" Poor attempt at Shakespearean lingo. Yikes! Pardon me.

Seriously, time flies and there's so much to do but so, very, little time!! So to keep this post short, I'll let the pictures speaks for themselves. Please excuse the poor quality of some photos...I'm really bad at taking indoor pictures.

Ms. N and Mr M. had approached me to do their wedding cake for (last) July. Their theme was natural, earthy colours. To add more ooomph to their colour theme, i decided to use warm tones to jazz up the toppers.

Orange fondant butterfly dusted with edible lustre.

Flower topper in hot pink!

The divine cake topper.

The wedding cake tier.

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Mar said...

Wonderful, all look very beautiful...
A kiss from Spain