Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Army Cupcakes

When a customer requested for cupcakes with an Army theme, I was a bit apprehensive. Asked me to make anything pretty...no sweat at all! But anything masculine, men, boys theme - they're just not my fave thing to do as I know my limits - definately not my strong points.

Nevertheless, I accepted the order as a challenge to myself. Needless to say, it was tough! I spent the whole afternoon just working on the army boots!!! I panicked! At the rate that I'm going, when will I be able to make the rest of the toppers???

Lucky for me, DH came to the rescue! I asked if he could pretty please, help me with one or two of the toppers. Within 2 hours he'd made, like 10 toppers or so!! Phew! My saviour! So huge credits to DH for contributing his fine skills to these Army theme toppers!

Toppers (made from fondant) are all set and ready!
Chocolate Valrhona Cupcakes iced with Ganache frosting and covered with camoflaged designed fondant.

These were ordered for an engagment celebration (gift exchanging ceremony) from Ms F to Mr F. Below, feedback from Mr. F of the cupcakes.

Hi Hanita,

I would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU for making the most cutest and adorable cupcakes. My fiancee (fiza) said that the cupcake got everyone talking. It's too cute to eat. Thank you so much ya. It was delicious too.

Looking forward to making future orders with you!



deedah said...

these are so cool kak ! well done :)

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